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Following on from the success of the previous singles James is now ready to release brand new music. The new track is called HAPPY and it will be released in FEBRUARY 2023. this latest song is a catchy soulful song with a great feel to it its got an infectious vibe with a smooth vocal and its called HAPPY it tells the story of finding joy in the little things and taking time out of your busy life to just breathe and enjoy some time doing what you love. Be it dancing, singing, or just spending time with loved ones and just remembering that you are alive and to do what makes you smile and feel happy this track will feature on the upcoming debut album FEEL which will be released in SUMMER 2023..     



MAY 2023

James will launching his new line of merchandise including Baseball caps and Beenie hats, and his new T-shirts and Hoodies adding to his classic designs and his mugs, signed photos and cds and more get in touch if you would like more details if you love the music then why not get a FEEL for the new merchandise black and white designs available at the moment more to come..




Exciting news folks James is releasing his DEBUT ALBUM FEEL

THIS YEAR AUTUMN (2023) and we cannot wait for you to hear it. This album is all original material and it is heartfelt music all written and performed by James, this collection of tracks covering a range of emotions and experiences put down on paper and turned in to some of the most powerful tracks you will hear around today. With hits like CRASHING DOWN and COME AND LOVE ME just a taster of what's to come also including RIGHT HERE and the amazing song LYING and his brand new track HAPPY due out 24/02/23 these are award winning songs brought to you on one great album. Each track will make you experience different emotions and really make you FEEL something stand by for more info....

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